St. John of God Hospital in Mamfe is our most prominent Partner. But we also partner with other charitable low cost hospital centers for the poor Such as:

To promote health awareness in Urband and rural communities specifically targeting: elderly, women, and children. Provide patients with chronic diseases a balance approach between therapy and disease information. Solicit funds and resources for use in providing optimal health care to the needy in Cameroon. The free information provided is disseminated to patients through the following programs:  
We also solicit funds and resources for use in moving the medical supplies to needy community hospital centers, rural clinics and sometimes even to local churches are made shift preventive centers. 
What we do
WOMEN HEALTH IN CAMEROON IS DEMISING: CMHF supports women Clinics to prorate women health issues. In Cameroon 3 out of five women are head of household rural areas, providing the daily choirs,and  food. But their health issue is never been adequately addressed in cultures and communities were the woman even though so dynamic is only considered 2nd place to the man in the society. It is the Woman's health is that is less studied, hardly ever properly diagnose. CMHF has taken the lead and special role to bring attention to the women's health issues. We provide awareness to the Five Life Saving Tests( for the Woman in our Missions, health Fares and by Providing Medical Supplies and or test kits to Women Clinics in  Cameroon to assist them alleviate some of illnesses particular to women. 
HIV & AIDS: AIDS is the number one killer of people in Cameroon.  CMHF soilicites funds to assist the HIV/AIDS victims with treatment  and counseling.
MISSIONS & HEALTH FARES: By joining hands with local and national churches and agencies that provide distribution, logistical support and on-site administration CMHF organizes several missions and Health Fares in Cameroon a year. In this Health fares we target the Rural Population.
DONATE MEDICAL SUPPLIES: We provide medicines, medical supplies, foods stuff, blankets and other tangible resources, including volunteer work crews to Hospitals and clinics in Africa when possible, to help those in need. 
Our donation list include: 
SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Every child seeks a comforting voice. When we give out of the soul, we make a difference in their lives, and in ours as well. CMHF school Supplies and competitive Scholarship programs at the level of Elementary, Secondary, and High schools, and Universities in Cameroon. By linking caring people, and Corporate in Kind donors with the children and women of Cameroon, CMHF opened a world of possibilities for compassionate service. CMHF has sent school supplies to elementary schools in several Villages of the South west Province. 
To make a difference in our world, we need to be engaged. For it's only through our engagement that lives are saved and or changed. 
CMHF: is a not for Profit, Geographic focus organization, that engages in training, or educating the public, the local churches in programs of compassion and the general public in programs of meeting the needs of the needy. Our hallmark is linking resources and needs to help the continental concept of compassion and church impact in Cameroon . 
By geographic focus we mean activities that assist families and communities to cope with complex emergencies and to achieve self-sufficiency in their daily lives in the continent of Africa. 
By training we mean the provision of needs-based opportunities that utilize the best tools and strategies for helping people learn and grow. 
By programs of compassion we mean tangible projects of mercy and love that restore the physical, emotional and spiritual health of others. 
By local church we mean the body of Christ expressed as an organized institution of the Christian church in continental worldwide. 
By linking resources and needs we mean connecting the time and resources of caring people and organizations with opportunities to serve people in need next door and around the Continent of Cameroon.