CMHF works to improve the health and lives of communities living in urband and rural Cameroon victimized by diseases and Poverty. Our program is non-sectarian and non-governmental. We support locally run Christian Medical facilities, hospitals, and programs of  medical missions that provide health services with essential material resources - medicines, supplies and equipment. We receive most of these products through Our Corporate in Kind donors, Our Partners and we ensure that they are provided in the most secure, most efficient manner possible.

Our approach focuses on local health efforts and the people who run them. Our christian partner organizations typically serve rural communities or Urban slums in Cameroon and areas that are poor, lack health infrastructure, and in which people confront severe health challenges.
All partner organizations demonstrate the capacity, commitment, and credibility to provide health services. They must provide health services in a non-discriminatory manner, and each is asked to contribute financially to ensure a shared investment in the wise use of material aid we provide.

Our medical mission team carry out reach programs in rural areas driving through less than perfect motorable roads to reach communities that have little or no access to health facilities. Some  in this rural communities have never seen a nurse or health professional.

CMHF also works locally to address particular health needs in our home community.

Challenges for 2018
  • Refurbishing a warehouse/office storage in Buea, South West Province of Cameroon
  • Starting work on the mobile twin operating unit 
  • Solicit and secure the shipment of two containers a year of medicines, equipment/supplies 
  • Obtaining two 4 Wheel Drive, all terrain Vehicles for easy access to rural clinics and hospitals in hard-to-reach areas 
  • Responding to the HIV /AIDS epidemic through sustained preventive health education, administering and counseling.



CHRISTIAN MEDICAL HELP FOUNDATION (CMHF) was founded and incorporated since 1996 as a non-governmental, non-profit charitable organization to provide health and medical services to the under privildged at affortable costs. It is intended to function as a three-level hierarchical organization with primary care, a Laboratory and a  Provisionary Pharmacy all serving the needs of poor people in the foundation centre in Buea Cameroon.